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Age: 19
Name: Racquel R. Hill
Location: Arlington, Va
Occupation: College Student
Favorite Poet: Jill Scott...






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I am Racquel Hill... Born and raised in Washington, DC... I attend The Art Institute of Washington, and reside in Arlington, VA... I would say that for my age, I am doing well for myself... I owe it all to my heavenly father. Basically, I am a very artistic and poetic girl... I always see the beauty in random things... I guess that's the artsy side of me... Anywho, I first started writing poetry after my mother died. It was at that point that i discovered my love of poetry... Since then, I have turned to my inkpen for closure, insight, and most importantly to vent... I never thought that I would need poetry as much as I did growing up… I had never considered myself a poetess until i joined MrAfrica's Poetry Board... Once I got positive feedback from people who didn't know me or cared about my feelings, I was sure that I had a gift... People think that a gift is being musically inclined, or especially talented in a certain activity… I don't think that I am that great of a poet... But I do embrace the literary skills that God has possessed me with... I mean, who can tell me that my poem was good, bad, stupid, or childish? My poetry is about me...

I once told someone that a true poet could look at something and write a poem about it… I believe that a person's talent is shown in how they will describe it… Ever since I joined the Poetry Board, I have received the confidence and encouragement I needed to continue to write... It's a beautiful thing when fellow poets can come together in a positive atmosphere and praise each other's work…

I have been through many obstacles in my life... I grew up with no mother or father... I have been through much emotional pain in my life… Poetry has always been there to help me cope with my losses and failures… I made one of the biggest accomplishments in my life when I graduated from high school... I was the first in my family to do that... Now, I have to accomplish an even bigger dream--graduate from college…

Hopefully Poetry can get me through.....


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I pray love finds me
Vying for self-expression


"A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language... "

W. H. Auden - Updated Monthly

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